Make sound business decisions with break-even analysis

  • Understand how delivery costs affect your profit by knowing the actual cost for individual orders or the whole trip. PTV Map&Guide offers break-even analysis so you can maximise your profit margin and create cost-effective quotations within minutes.


Break even analysis - how to examine your profit margin

  • Beat your competitors with fast and accurate cost calculation to gain new customers with PTV Map&Guide. You can also identify the profitability of potential orders in an overview to help you make sound business decisions.

  • Calculate all relevant costs

    PTV Map&Guide determines the exact transport costs, taking the following parameters into account:

    • Fixed costs per trip, day, interim stop and order
    • Variable toll costs for roads, tunnels and bridges
    • Variable costs per kilometre/mile
    • Variable costs per hour (driving time, stay on location, breaks/rest periods)
    • Country-specific minimum wage costs
  • Determine the correct price

    All you have to do is set the profit margin, and PTV Map&Guide calculates the quotation price and suggests a realistic and economic sale price per order.

  • Maximise your profit margins

    Enter the final sale price per trip, interim stops or customer order and PTV Map&Guide finds the profits for you. You can also quickly and easily compare different options using the benchmarking feature to identify the best option. All relevant key figures such as tolls, total costs, margin, distance and driving time are taken into account to:

    • Work out which transport is the most profitable
    • Analyse the effects of planning with one or more drivers
    • Make sound business decisions
    • Compare different planning scenarios.