Your stress-free truck route planner

  • PTV Map&Guide is specially tailored to plan and optimise routes for logistics companies. It always gives the quickest, shortest and most cost-effective route suitable for your trucks.


Benefit from comprehensive functions

    • Avoid unnecessary detours

      Save time and reduce cost when planning truck routes with PTV Map&Guide. The truck route planner software takes into account all important parameters that are relevant to truck routes and only provide suitable routes. Then, you can transfer the route directly to your driver’s navigation device equipped with PTV Navigator routing system.

    • Made for happy drivers

      Our truck route planner considers the driver’s drive and rest times and recognises all the statutory provisions in relevant European countries. It also shows available truck parking spaces along the planned route and can be reserved in advance.

    • Define only the best route for your trucks

      The truck planning software automatically designs a route suitable only for your vehicles based on their attributes and excludes road sections unsuitable for trucks and HGVs such as roads with height and weight restrictions.

    • Optimise sequence and time slot

      Execute your scheduled routes for multiple stop-off points with maximum efficiency. PTV Map&Guide performs a route calculation based on the direct distance, road distance, or time slots such as the opening hours, ramp times, availability as well as fixed start and end points in which your customers want the deliveries to be made. This way, you can avoid unnecessary waiting times and thus save cost.

    • Re-optimise route planning anytime

      PTV Map&Guide allows you to flexibly optimise routes suitable for your truck transport. If the route contains unwanted ferry sections, low-emission zones, toll-paying sections, or even narrow roads, you can easily exclude these in the settings. 

  • PTV Map&Guide parameters

    • Truck height, width, length, axle load or weight restrictions
    • Access bans (for HGVs weighing over 3.5 tons, with trailers or hazardous goods transports)
    • Other restrictions (such as "residents only")
    • Limitations due to permanent roadworks or long-term road closures
    • Prescribed statutory driving times and rest periods as well as your drivers' remaining driving and shift times
    • Route calculation based on pre-defined vehicle profiles
    • Alternative route calculation
    • Your own set of preferences