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  • The optimal route to success - with PTV Map&Guide

    For over 30 years, PTV Map & Guide has established itself as a professional transportation route planner in the industry and has become the recognised standard for more than 55,000 users.

    PTV Map & Guide combines the functions required for successful work in the transport industry: transport route planning, toll calculation, order optimisation - reliable, efficient and profitable. That's what our customers appreciate.

    For you, planning with PTV Map & Guide not only saves time in scheduling, and avoids detours and miscalculations, but above all, maximises profits. Become one of our satisfied customers and benefit from PTV Map & Guide - Europe's most accurate transport route planner.


  • The carrier and freight forwarder is specialised in the transport of semi-trailers and covered trucks in the north and the east of France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the border area of Germany.

    Basuyaux Transports has been using PTV solutions for several years and chose PTV Map&Guide software because of its transport-related functions, "I particularly like the PTV Map&Guide route planner as it integrates traffic restrictions for heavy goods vehicles, especially useful for unknown routes. We also use the Teleroute freight exchange to avoid empty transports as much as possible!", explains Mr Basuyaux. "It's a genuine time saver for me."

    Website: fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/BASUYAUX-Transports/251286558246801

  • PTV Map&Guide is a tremendous help. I would no longer want to work without it.

    Michael Weber, Management Work Preparation/Shipping and Logistics

    Website: www.bosse.de

  • After having thoroughly tested PTV Map&Guide, we have recently started implementing the programme for our daily operations. Finally a product that calculates distances accurately and is also used by business partners. In this way the results are comparable and mutually accepted.

    'To generate reliable results, it is essential to implement a sound tool. PTV Map&Guide is an absolute failsafe recommendation for anybody who wants reliable results.

    Harald Fastenau, Authorized Officer, CFO

    Website: www.c4-systemlogistik.de

  • Cartonplast is the leading provider of plastic layer-pads on a rental basis for container manufacturers in the food and beverage industry.

    Manufacturers of bottles and tins implement the Cartonplast pool system because it ensures hygienic transport to the filling plants. The plastic layer-pads are cleaned in the CPL service centres and repeatedly reused. Damaged layer-pads are completely recycled. The logistics process chain constitues a rapidly rotating cycle, which is cost-saving, ecological and sustainable.

    The quick and easy calculation of routes and distances on an international level is particularly important for our organization and it can be accessed quickly, together with the additional functions. PTV Map&Guide is an essential tool for us, enabling the optimization of our daily demanding logistics requirements.

    Juergen Wetterich, Head of Sales

    Website: www.cartonplast.de

  • I greatly appreciate the fact that I can find out, at the click of a button in PTV Map&Guide route planning, whether there are any suitable additional freights in Teleroute for the tour I have planned. It's a great opportunity to fully utilize our trucks and   avoid unproductive empty runs with very little additional expense.

    Martin Heinisch, Leitung IT und Zentraleinkauf

    Website: www.emons.de


    We have been using PTV Map&Guide professional for more than

    6 years to calculate tours/routes and costs. As a courier company, we work with

    8 different vehicle profiles in order to optimally calculate the costs for our

    clients. I haven't found a comparable product on the market, although I have

    been looking for years.




    The bottom line: we will continue to work with the most

    up-to-date versions of PTV Map&Guide professional.



    Gerhard Babener, Head of Sales

    Website: www.eurokurier.com

  • Groupe Samat has chosen to extend the PTV Map&Guide professional functions with the calc+ module option. "When tendering offers, our replies have to be based on precise data. Furthermore, we have a large volume of data, which we can import from MS Excel to save time", explains Martial Faber, Information Officer at Groupe Samat.

    PTV Map&Guide professional includes the toll charges in the route planning results. The transport costs can be more precisely calculated using the calc+ module. "We can compare different journeys on the basis of the costs incurred and also draw up scenarios to vary the results".

    The quotes calculated by our sales force using the software are based on detailed transport costs including all of the necessary transport data.

    Website: www.groupesamat.com

  • Specialized in transport with grain tippers, covered semi-trailers and wooden load boards, Immo Ouest covers the North, Picardy, Brittany and the East from its 5 sites, located between the Nord Pas-de-Calais area and the Belgian border.

    As a long-standing client of PTV, the carrier has chosen the latest version of PTV Map&Guide to update its routing data. "Our aim is above all to cut costs. With PTV Map&Guide we are able to optimize our tours by avoiding empty transports, unnecessary detours and toll motorways, if possible", explains Jérôme Tordeux, Transport Manager at Immo Ouest.

    "In addition, the software is easy to use. All of the information is displayed on just one line and is perfectly legible. I have recently started using it on a daily basis and it is really easy", adds Jérôme Tordeux.

    Website: immoouesttl.free.fr/Fr/mentionslegales.php

  • The scheduling of our vehicle fleet across Europe would not be possible without the support of PTV Map&Guide professional.

    Rainer Österreicher, Manager of "Maghreb Express"

    Website: www.ipsenlogistics.com

  • We started using PTV Map&Guide recently  and are delighted with the large number of functions and possibilities it offers. The detailed display of predefined client addresses enables our field personnel to optimally plan their routes.

    Holger Schwall, Operations Manager

    Website: www.jost-chemicals.de

  • For years we have been using PTV Map&Guide for transport planning and support for calculations. Another reason for using PTV Map&Guide is the wide acceptance of the programme - not only by forwarder colleagues, but also by dispatchers.

    O. Keller, IT & Accounting

    Website: www.rothschild-logisticgroup.de

  • We have been deploying PTV Map&Guide for vehicle and trip scheduling in national and international freight transport for more than 10 years. Even after such a long time, it is still the leading truck navigation planner in the transport sector. As far as I know, there is no other comparable product on the market at the moment that is so well adapted to the needs of modern truck scheduling operations.  PTV has once again demonstrated its willingness to innovate and constantly develop and improve its products with the integration of the unique new NAVTEQ truck database; this includes the most recent road restrictions with regard to weight, size and hazardous goods. Keep up the good work!

    Thomas Risch, B.A. Business Administration, Logistics + IT Management

    URL: www.scheererlogistik.de

  • We use PTV Map&Guide professional 2011 for calculation, scheduling and tour planning. We decided to work with PTV Map&Guide professional 2011 because of the clear and diverse possibilities it offers to facilitate our daily operations and calculate our vehicle costs quickly and transparently.

    Christian Binz, Assistant to the Managing Director, Management

  • As forwarders, we started using PTV Map&Guide just recently to improve our scheduling. We are very happy with our choice and impressed by the programme. The simple updates enable us to remain up-to-date at all times, calculate prices as quickly as possible and constantly keep an eye on cost control. Operation is simple, intuitive and clear. We thoroughly recommend the programme in all respects.

    Kristin Hüter

  • Our scheduling department particularly values PTV Map&Guide professional's quick and easy operation. It is extremely helpful for our daily operations that all of the vehicle-specific data is stored in the system, enabling an accurate calculation of freight and toll costs. When required, detailed directions with all roads and routes are displayed. In addition, many petrol stations, rest stops and hospitals are stored, which facilitates the dispatch of sensitive hygiene products to hospitals and similar institutions.

    The simple, clear and user-friendly operation of PTV Map&Guide professional and the large number of useful functions have convinced the whole of our scheduling team. As a result, the quick and easy calculation of routes and distances, including the time required, leads to  well organized planning.

    Norbert Gebhardt, Hemhofen-Zeckern Branch Manager

    Website: www.spedition-pohl.de

  • We have been using PTV Map&Guide for the tour planning of national and international transports for years. PTV Map&Guide is also very helpful for optimum calculations.

    Susan Buchheim

    Website: www.thomsen-transport.com

  • Located in the north of France, Transports Michel cover France, Germany and Belgium. After having been presented PTV Map&Guide by Teleroute freight exchange, Mr Michel, Managing Director, chose PTV software to support his 18 drivers, "I was looking for a high-performance route planner to replace the off-the-shelf software we were using. I was immediately convinced by PTV Map&Guide."

    "Within several months of working with it, I'm already seeing a real return on investment. The possibility to avoid toll roads is particularly useful. And, in addition, with PTV Map&Guide I save time!", concludes Mr Michel.

    Website: www.arc-transports.fr

  • We recently decided to implement PTV Map&Guide. We mainly use it to adapt our driving times optimally to our orders and generate a precise calculation of costs. This can be performed quickly and reliably with PTV Map&Guide.

    Jos Theis, Managing Director

    URL: www.tsltransport.lu

  • A long-standing client of PTV Loxane, Valorplast organises the recycling of household plastic packaging. 85% of its activities are spread throughout France and 15% in the rest of the European Union. Valorplast works with national carriers, ordering some 800 transports a month. The company chose PTV Map&Guide software to draw up statistics for its logistics department.

    "Among the functions provided by PTV Map&Guide, I mainly use the distance calculation function as it is extremely precise. And in the recycling industry we are naturally very aware of ecological issues. In order to generate figures for this purpose, I use its functions to calculate the costs of transport, in particular fuel consumption and the calculation of TÜV certified emissions", explains Mr Bernard, Head of Logistics and Sales Administration.

    Website: www.valorplast.com

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