• Integre Trans is a transport and logistics company launched in 2008 which strengthens its market position and increases the number of organized transports every year. The company has been included among 4% of the most reliable companies in Lithuania for three years in a row. They have a fleet of over 500 modern DAF trucks that travel all over Europe every day. The company organizes around 35,000 transports each year and aims to become a European logistics leader, continually investing in modern means of transport and introducing innovative solutions. They have been using the PTV Map&Guide system since 2017, and recently they have decided to extend the cooperation and purchase additional 25 system stations. With this solution, they can precisely determine transport costs and calculate the optimal route, taking into account all restrictions for trucks. In addition, with the Tender+ functionality they can easily calculate transport costs and manage logistics tenders.



    Increasing the market competitiveness. The ability to choose the optimal route, taking into consideration the restrictions that apply to trucks.


    Increasing the scope of work of dispatchers and delivery managers using the PTV Map&Guide software. Purchase of additional 25 system stations.


    Very precise calculation of transport costs and selection of the best route. Saving time and money. Avoiding traffic jams, road works and other unplanned downtime.

  • Before the implementation

    Prior to the implementation of the PTV Map&Guide system, the company used popular, generally available Google Maps tools to plan the routes. These calculations, however, were not satisfactory, as these maps are mainly intended for passenger cars. They do not take into account various restrictions, road tolls or detours. What is more, the costs calculated on the basis of standard maps differed significantly from those actually incurred (especially in terms of taxes). In addition, it is not always the shortest or fastest route between A and B that is the best, because it can be associated with increased costs, for example, when the route crosses countries with high tolls. The company analyzed the systems available on the market and decided on the PTV Map&Guide solution which is well known in the industry and highly regarded by its users.

  • Calculations you can realy on

    In order to increase the profitability and always choose the best routes, Integre Trans decided to implement the Map&Guide system, and in subsequent years increased the number of system stations. In this way, with the help of advanced calculations, the company can quickly and easily find out the actual transport costs, compare different route planning scenarios and determine which is the most beneficial and generates higher profits. All key data such as tolls, total costs, distance and driving time are considered. The system also takes into account all truck restrictions (access bans, residential zones, long-lasting road repairs, as well as height, width, length, axle load or weight restrictions) and directs vehicles only to appropriate roads. Thus it eliminates unnecessary detours and associated delays.

    - With PTV Map&Guide, we can quickly and accurately calculate transport costs and determine the profitability of incoming orders. The ability to compare many route planning scenarios enables us to determine which is the most profitable, and above all to make sure that we have chosen well — says Goran Vareskic, Branch Manager Integre Trans GmbH.



    With the precise calculations, the routes have been successfully optimized and transport costs have decreased, which has made the company more competitive. The ability to plan the route in a few seconds and determine transport costs based on many factors has not only improved the profitability of orders, but also increased the satisfaction of customers who can receive a quote almost immediately. Often this happens e.g. during a telephone conversation. The system supports the daily work of transport planners, saves time during route planning, eliminates many mistakes and, above all, maximizes profits.

    Integre Trans also uses the Tender+ functionality designed to calculate costs in logistics tenders. The software calculates the components of transport costs, travel times and A to B distances, so that the user can quickly create competitive and professional offers.

    Another advantage is that the system is intuitive and easy to learn. After a short training, new users are able to fully master the system, and the company does not waste time on training employees. The system is highly regarded by people who work with it every day.

    Development plans

    Integre Trans aims to become the European logistics leader. The company believes that its future growth depends in a large part on the technology used, and plans to upgrade the system with new functionalities and PTV solutions. They constantly invest not only in innovative technological solutions, but also modern means of transport. All trucks used by the company meet the EURO 6 requirements and are less than 3 years old. Each is equipped with the latest satellite navigation systems.

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