Why use PTV Map&Guide? – So you can plan precisely and stress-free

  • Our PTV Map&Guide route planning software brings the complexity of planning into simplicity to ensure higher profit, increase customer satisfaction and even improve employee motivation.


  • Precision makes all the difference

    PTV Map&Guide calculates routes suitable for trucks and HGVs that take truck-specific restrictions such as weight limits for bridges and height limits for tunnels into account. Moreover, the software calculates exact transportation and toll costs. This way, you avoid unnecessary detours as well as unexpected charges along the way, execute deliveries exactly as planned and reach your customers within the agreed upon time slots.

  • Invest in the future of your company

    Our route planning and truck navigation software perfectly supports you and your drivers. No other software links all the truck-relevant parameters to a comparable extent. Rely on the industry standard for route planning with PTV Map&Guide, trusted by 55,000 users worldwide. From time-saving to profit increase, our customers are proof that PTV Map&Guide is the best route planner in the logistics industry.