• Creating next week’s schedule – an unpopular Friday afternoon task for most field employees. Why? Because considering all restrictions and customer wishes while creating an efficient schedule, is a complex task that takes a long time. Time spent in the office and not with the customer. And the resulting schedule is most likely not the most optimal solution. PTV Map&Market automates the planning process and calculates an optimal schedule that considers all restrictions within seconds.

  • The right customer at the right time

    Which customer hasn't been visited in a long time? When does customer A take their lunch break, when is customer B on holiday? How long does it take to travel from customer C to customer D? Opening hours, visit frequency and duration, fixed appointments, working hours and possibly overnight stays – when planning schedules for your field staff, many restricting factors must be considered. PTV Map&Market considers all of them automatically and delivers an optimal schedule. The software makes sure that no customer is forgotten or visited too rarely. Additionally, you can take into account and respond to customer wishes spontaneously – and thereby boost customer satisfaction

  • Do you have questions?

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