• Sales and advertising marketing places high demands on detailed and up-to-date map material down to the level of house numbers. That’s why PTV Map&Market offers a sophisticated and powerful tool for planning sales and delivery of print and postal products and advertising journals. Detours and the time-consuming search for the right address are in the past. With PTV Map&Market, delivery staff, technicians, service and sales staff find the right address without wasting time.

  • Data and map-based planning

    In urban areas, detailed and accurate map material is a must. PTV Map&Market makes use of such material and thereby enables exact and reliable route planning. Additionally, PTV Map&Market enables you to perform geographical analyses to identify untapped market potential.

    • Identify residential areas with a high target group density.
    • Visualise and analyse circulation, distribution and supplement areas.
    • Measure the success of your direct marketing campaigns.
    • Evaluate socio-demographic and economic data, such as household figures or advertising refusers.
    • Control and improve your delivery quality and create transparency for yourself and your customers.
  • The basis: excellent map material

    We offer up-to-date map packages tailored to your needs, from Europe to North America and South East Asia. Our in-house map department refines the digital maps of the European market leader TomTom and other providers. Whichever package you choose: We guarantee the highest map quality for reliable, up-to-date and detailed planning. In addition, we are also happy to provide you with market data for your industry.

  • Do you have questions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with any questions and problems you might have.