• Increase the efficiency of your field force considerably with PTV Map&Market. Create well-balanced and compact sales territories and ensure an optimal sequence of stops and efficient driving routes. This way, you optimise the workload of your field staff, save time and fuel and, above all, enable your employees to make more customer visits every day.

    The field force optimisation software automates the planning process and thereby frees up your employees’ time, who previously had to plan their schedules and routes manually. This way, your field employees spend less time organising their visits and more time visiting with customers. Moreover, PTV Map&Market provides you with relevant and reliable key figures as a basis for strategic decisions such as where to plan new locations of store and offices.

  • At least 7.5% more time for your customers

    Save at least half an hour per employee and day thanks to field force optimisation. This results in a time saving of at least 10 hours or 7.5% per month. Time, your employees can spend with your customers. Far greater savings are possible depending on the processes in place.

    Find out now how much you can save!

    Assessment of optimisation potential

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