• “Fundraising is more than just collecting donations. It‘s about developing networks and cultivating relationships in a long-term, strategic and target-oriented manner.” These words that introduce a brochure published by the fundraising department of the Archbishop of Freiburg integrate all of the components of a sound marketing strategy on the brochure‘s title page. “In 2008, the Archdiocese founded the fundraising department,” explains Udo Schnieders, the department head. “It was a matter of course that we would pursue geomarketing before we even started. As the Archdiochese‘s pastoral care department was already working with PTV Map&Market, it made sense to implement a software solution that had been tried and tested.”

  • "We probably have the most ambitious fundraising approach of the Catholic Church in Germany. Geomarketing with PTV Map&Market has established itself as a meaningful, even necessary instrument.”

  • Active and versatile

    PTV Map&Market, implemented together with microm data, makes it possible to analyse marketing relevant data and plan active fundraising campaigns. The different activities integrate all the elements of classical geomarketing:

    • The locations for posters for a largescale campaign were defined on the basis of the number of Catholics, purchasing power data and Sinusmilieus.
    • To develop contact strategies, target groups are regularly selected on the basis of socio-demographic data at street level.
    • The donations are analysed according to their source and other criteria.
    • Socio-demographic data is added to the internal databases in order to develop a better understanding of the customers.
    • Direct mailings are conducted on the basis of internal address databases, with geodata added to them.
    • Controlling of all activities: who did the campaign reach, and who didn‘t it reach? What is the development?
  • Fascination and scepticism

    Alongside active fundraising, the department supports and advises institutions of the church, i. e. the church administration, and is responsible for the training and further education of full-time and volunteer members.

    The training measures serve to promote an understanding of the topic and to teach participants the basic principles. The reaction of participants to the topic of geomarketing is always similar – alongside fascination with the possibilities offered by the tool, there is also healthy scepticism with regard to the abundance of data available. It is therefore all the more important that the employees are instructed on how to work with the tool in a targeted and responsible manner. “So it‘s not about teaching the participants how to operate the actual application,” adds Udo Schnieders. “We take care of that as service provider. Knowledge about its possibilities is much more important and introducing them to its professional implementation.“ The professional manner with which Udo Schnieders and his team implement geomarketing is impressive, confirming their pioneering role. And nothing else needs to be added to this.

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