• Equal workloads for the sales districts, reduced travel times and more time for the ”core business of customer care“ – Lieken has achieved a lot. In the past, Germany‘s leading baking specialist collaborated strategically with external consultants, who worked with their own planning systems. And the sales areas were structured regardless of postal code boundaries. However, the Group wanted to change that – each postal code should be clearly allocated to one sales area and, in turn, to the sphere of responsibility of one sales representative. With equal workloads.

  • The solution

    They succeeded in doing this by implementing PTV tools: Lieken now carries out its strategic territory planning in house with the support of state-of-the-art software. The sales force makes its calls to ”freshly-baked sales districts“. And questions such as ”who looks after which new customers“ or ”how can we improve the relationship between driving and visiting times,“ can now be exactly answered by the system. Lieken found out about PTV at a trade conference – and decided to implement the PTV Map&Market premium product after an evaluation workshop and a test phase.

  • ”The tool meets our requirements. It gives us security when making decisions about strategic planning,“ says Matthias Wenkel, Sales Analyst for the food retail market at Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH. ”At first, we re-planned the sales districts on the basis of the 5-digit postal codes. Each of these now ‘belongs‘ to a member of the sales force. Even if there are no customers located there. Our KPI-based call rhythms are implemented and permanently updated and PTV Map&Market trip planning generates feasibility checks for strategic realignments. In this way, we ensure that the workloads remain optimal and equal in the sales districts.“

  • In addition, operational planning has been greatly simplified by the restructuring. Using the software, Lieken evaluates the ideal location for new employees in the sales force. Moreover, PTV Map&Market can flexibly integrate exceptions – some of the baking specialist‘s customers had to remain allocated to their initial consultants. The PTV Software took into account these allocations.

  • The result

    Matthias Wenkel describes the result as ”three times as efficient“ for the company. ”On the one hand, we have equal workloads in the sales districts. Secondly, the travel times and, as a result, the costs have been reduced and valuable additional hours are spent with the customers at the POS.“ The exact planning results have also shown that since the restructuring each customer has enjoyed individual service at an optimal rhythm. Thirdly, a key added value is that PTV Map&Market paid off right from the very beginning. ”We don‘t need support from external consultants any longer,“ reports Matthias Wenkel, ”and we are using our own planning resources. This also means that we can react quickly to changes, regardless of whether they concern the customer base or are modifications within our own sales department.“

    In addition, Lieken has printed the maps as posters, which are hung up in the offices of the sales representatives and at the headquarters in Garrel. ”They look good,“ says Matthias Wenkel, ”and are also very practical. For example, I can see which sales representative I need to forward a new order to within a matter of seconds. This is an absolute must. Because the bread business is extremely fast moving and the best ingredients for success are quality and freshness. And not only concerning the products, but also concerning the customer and field service!“

  • About Lieken Brot- und Backwaren GmbH
    • The Lieken Group is Germany‘s leading baking specialist. The company delivers fresh products under the GOLDEN TOAST and LIEKEN URKORN brands to around 1,500 food retailers daily. On top of this, they produce private labels for retailers and bake-off products. The logistics company Logi-K is also part of the Lieken Group. The Group recorded a total turnover of around Euro 750 million in 2010. Approx. 5,000 employees are committed to maintaining the company‘s freshness and quality standards. Lieken has belonged to the Barilla Group since 2002.

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