• The 280,000 inhabitants of the Main-Kinzig district separate their rubbish for recycling. Recyclable waste goes in the ”green dot“ bin. And then? Thanks to well-planned districts, the waste is regularly collected from all of the households by an exactly calculated number of vehicles and is taken to be recycled. One of the biggest waste disposal companies in Germany, Veolia Umweltservice was commissioned by Germany‘s recycling system, the Duales System Deutschland (DSD), to collect recyclable waste.

  • ”Every three years, DSD re-issues a tender for the collection of yellow sacks and yellow bins in the towns and communities,“ explains Project Manager Christian Grupe. Professional territory planning in advance is a prerequisite for optimally planning the trips of refuse vehicles. For this purpose, Grupe and his colleague started by grouping together the households and businesses into separate districts based on the capacity of the refuse vehicles. These districts were, in turn, clustered into collection areas that corresponded to a day‘s work.

  • The solution

    The German post office, Deutsche Post AG, provided geocoded data. ”We only had to repair some of the data records. And PTV Map&Market helped us with its geocoding function,“ Grupe describes the project steps. ”Thanks to the automated territory planning functions and the possibility to solve complex territory planning issues with the program, planning the districts only took roughly three hours and putting together the individual daily trips took only one week. District clustering was performed quickly and smoothly. It was an advantage that we had just upgraded to the latest program update. As part of the maintenance contract that we concluded we regularly receive new data and map materials.“ Grupe visited the communities to check how the planned waste collection trips were going. Together with the dispatchers and drivers, we make the ”final touches“ on the basis of the real route conditions. For example, when clearance heights are too low, we have to make corrections – which is very easily done with PTV Map&Market. After at least three round trips, we check our plans against the current road maps.“

The result

  • ”The software‘s map material has always been up-to-date and good, planning is quicker than expected and we are really happy with the result,“ summarises Grupe. ”We also had to recruit personnel for the new contract. The program results were very helpful with this and easy to implement. As a long-standing PTV customer, I didn‘t need any training for the update. And it only took me one day to instruct my colleague, an experienced PC user, on how to work with the software. PTV Map&Market paid off from the very outset. All of the performance data can be set as we wish, the plans ensure that vehicles are used to a very good capacity, and specific changes and their effects are immediately visible. We strongly recommend the software.“

  • About Veolia Umweltservice GmbH
    • Based in Hamburg, Veolia Umweltservice is one of Germany‘s leading waste disposal companies. With an annual turnover of around Euro 1.1 billion, the company employs approx. 10,000 people in 200 service and plant facilities.

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