• Charitable institutions, churches and public authorities, research and educational institutions, security, insurance and transport companies as well as consulting firms – they all need to manage a mobile workforce. Given the organisations’ differences, their needs for geographical visualisation, analysis and optimisation are diverse. PTV Map&Market is very flexible and adapts to these diverse needs. Therefore, it can be used to optimse field service planning regardless of the industry or organisational type.

  • Print & Mail

    Determining optimal delivery districts and planning the distribution of print and postal products as well as advertising publications is complex. Why? Because in addition to maps with detailed displays of street segments and exact house numbers, you also need to plan schedules and driving routes for your delivery staff. Above that, customers expect good service and transparency regarding delivery times.

  • "We plan our sales districts and activities with PTV Map&Market. Using the software enables us to analyse our target group and the market potential thoroughly and to make strategic decisions with our customers’ needs at the centre. With PTV Map&Market, we can optimally exploit our market. Therefore, the use of the software is extremely cost-effective relative to the success achieved.”

    Michael Fischer (Saarbrücker Zeitung Verlag & Druckerei – Publishing and printing)

  • Service technicians

    Planning optimal schedules and routes of service technicians is highly complex: Many factors and restrictions, such as the urgency or the availability of spare parts and qualified technicians, must be considered. At the same time, according to their Service Level Agreements (SLA), customers have a contractual right to be serviced within an agreed-upon time frame should disruptions or technical failures occur.

    PTV Map&Market supports you in solving this challenge effectively and efficiently: With it, both managers at headquarters and technicians on the road can create schedules and calculate routes. PTV Map&Market is the ideal addition to your workforce management system. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated into your a data management system (CRM, ERP, etc.).

  • Security forces, fundraisers, sales agents, etc.

    Work schedules for security personnel, optimised areas for insurance agents, visualisations of locations of solar plants, collection schedules of recyclables – the possible uses of PTV Map&Market are as diverse as the industries of our customers. Contact us to hear how you can benefit from our solution.

  • "We probably have the most ambitious fundraising approach of the Catholic Church in Germany. Geomarketing with PTV Map&Market has established itself as a meaningful, even necessary instrument.”

    Udo Schnieders (Archdiocese Freiburg – Fundraising)

    How the Archdiocese Freiburg works with PTV Map&Market

  • "The use of PTV Map&Market made our work a lot easier. When planning the collection of recyclables in the area of Mainz-Kinzig, we achieved a time saving of fourteen days".

    Christian Grupe (Veolia Umweltservice – Water and waste management)

    How Veolia works with PTV Map&Market

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