• PTV Navigator guides your drivers to their destination safe and sound

    Narrow roads, low bridges, no opportunities to turn around – many roads are not suitable for freight traffic. PTV Navigator is a professional navigation solution available for trucks and for fleets. It guides your drivers to their destination safe and sound, and on time. The software navigates them turn-by-turn and only on routes suited to their vehicle profile.

    It helps your drivers avoid detours and save time, and thereby reduces overall transportation costs.

    PTV Navigator for Trucks   PTV Navigator for Fleets

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Turning planned routes into reality with PTV Navigator

  • PTV Navigator can be integrated into any software easily and seamlessly

    PTV Navigator is available as:

    • full application for mobile devices running on Windows or Android with an extensive programming interface (API) enabling a seamless connection with other fleet management systems
    • as Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling an easy integration into any existing software solution

    We offer attractive conditions to resellers and software providers looking to expand their product portfolio by a navigation solution.


    PTV Navigator API   PTV Navigator SDK

Why PTV Navigator?

  • Reliable navigation
  • PTV Navigator makes sure that your trucks always stay on the most economic route available. This minimises unexpected detours and saves your business resources and money.

  • Robust solution
  • PTV Navigator delivers robust results that you can rely on. We have 40 years of experience in truck route optimisation and navigation, work closely with leading data suppliers and offer the most accurate maps and traffic data.

  • API and SDK
  • PTV Navigator is available as stand-alone application with an extensive programming interface and as software development kit. Therefore, it enables seamless and easy integration into any software architecture.

  • Little need for support
  • Just the functions that your drivers really need, clearly arranged, facilitating easy handling. For you this means very little need for support – once the software is rolled out, maintenance efforts are low.

How PTV Navigator works

  • Optimal truck route
    Use truck-specific routing
    Use truck-specific routing

    PTV Navigator considers your vehicles’ attributes and only guides your drivers on routes suitable for freight traffic. This saves your driver unexpected detours, U-turns, time and stress!

  • Avoid traffic jams
    Live traffic assistant
    Live traffic assistant

    Benefit from the latest traffic information with TomTom HD Traffic. Calculate new routes in case of disruptions and avoid traffic jams. Continuously update your arrival time and keep customers informed.

  • Find parking along the route
    Truck parking assistant
    Truck parking assistant

    Time for a break? Just activate the convenient Truck Parking Assistant to find parking along your route conveniently and quickly! With over 34,000 truck parking areas and spots in Europe.

  • Everything at a glance
    Provide your drivers with a clear and easy-to-use application
    Provide your drivers with a clear and easy-to-use application

    PTV Navigator is clearly arranged and intuitive to use: PTV Navigator gives your drivers a clear, easy-to-understand interface, available in 20 languages.

  • Seamless integration
    Integrate navigation easily via API or SDK
    Integrate navigation easily via API or SDK

    Connect PTV Navigator seamlessly with other fleet management applications and allow them to execute functions like starting the navigation remotely.

  • Simple installation
    Install the app easily and quickly
    Install the app easily and quickly

    Whether via Google Play or a PTV partner – installing the app is easy and quick. Download more mapping data, voice options or one-off destinations as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Download Brochure

    Download your PTV Navigator brochure for detailed product information.

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