• Everything you need to make our solution yours

    We know developers want two things: seamless integration and satisfied software users. PTV Navigator offers the tools they need to do just that. Select from extensive programming interfaces (APIs) and developer components (SDK) to integrate PTV Navigator into your fleet solution. Whatever your requirements are - we have a solution for you. Learn more about your integration possibilities here.

Your Benefits

  • Scalability
  • One installation - many customers: Install your version of PTV Navigator on as many devices as you like.

  • Quick integration
  • Manage your navigation remotely from your application and receive information about events.

  • Documentation
  • Excellent documentation and an interactive test programme demonstrate the implementation of the commands.

  • Ready-to-use maps
  • No need to worry about content: PTV Navigator is delivered with pre-installed detailed and up-to-date maps.

  • Offline use
  • Licensing is completed online, use is offline. Once downloaded and set up, you don't need an internet connection anymore.

  • PTV Navigator API: Remote Interface

    Both PTV Navigator Truck and PTV Navigator Fleet come with an extensive programming interface (API) that enables communication between the navigation app and other applications.

    Connect PTV Navigator with your fleet management app to send directions to PTV Navigator and to remotely start a navigation and to receive status updates, for example about your vehicles' GPS-information, from the app.

    More about PTV Navigator API (Remote Interface)

  • PTV Navigator SDK: Developer Components

    Develop your individual navigation solution for Android, iOs or Windows with PTV Navigator SDK. The PTV Navigation SDK is a component library that offers navigation functionalities as easy-to-integrate developer components. These functions can be integrated into existing software solutions or used to build standalone navigation applications - the design of the finished application is entirely up to you.

    More about PTV Navigator SDK (Components Library)