Additional modules for PTV Route Optimiser

  • Multiple users
  • Road editor
  • Truck attributes
  • Historical traffic data
  • Plan/actual comparison
  • Expand your software solution

    Do you want to make the most of PTV Route Optimiser? Add more functions to your solution with our add-on modules.

  • Boost transparency & efficiency
    Multiple users<
    Multiple users

    Connect all your plans and planners across several locations to increase efficiency and transparency.

  • Monitor delivery progress
    Telematics interfaces<
    Telematics interfaces

    Ensure a smooth data exchange between PTV Route Optimiser and your telematics system.

  • Customise map material
    Road editor<
    Road editor

    Customise maps according to your needs and store temporary construction sites or changed routes.

  • Plan more precisely
    Historical traffic data<
    Historical traffic data

    Avoid foreseeable disruptions and traffic jams with the help of historical traffic information, and directly take into account the resulting delays.

  • Routing & navigation
    PTV Drive&Arrive connection<
    PTV Drive&Arrive connection

    No need for an expensive on-board computer: Transfer routes to your drivers' smartphones thanks to a connection with PTV Drive&Arrive.

  • Keep your customers informed

    Inform your customers by e-mail or SMS about the expected delivery time and automatically notify them of any changes.

  • Price overview
    Freight cost calculation<
    Freight cost calculation

    Calculate the exact freight costs based on transport data and tariffs and decide whether you want to carry out a trip yourself or outsource it.

  • Improve future planning
    Plan/Actual Comparison<
    Plan/Actual Comparison

    Compare planned and actual tours, discover recurring differences and their causes and improve your future planning.

  • Consider restrictions
    Truck attributes<
    Truck attributes

    Consider truck-specific characteristics such as vehicle height, hazardous goods or maximum weight.

  • Create vehicle profiles

    Heavy trucks, courier vehicles, vans - create your own routing and speed profiles for your various vehicle types.

  • Do you have questions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with any questions and problems you might have.