• Do your planners spend hours every day distributing orders to vehicles manually? That's no longer necessary. With PTV Route Optimiser, orders are automatically distributed to optimised schedules. This shortens the planning time significantly. The software does not replace the planner: Rather, PTV Route Optimiser supports planners in their work and frees up capacities for other tasks. The result: efficient schedules and satisfied customers.


  • Reduce planning time

    Route planning and schedule optimisation is like solving a complex puzzle: A puzzle that has more than one solution and whose pieces might change until the very end. Assembling the puzzle pieces manually takes hours - and the result may not be optimal in the end. PTV Route Optimiser reduces the complexity of routing and scheduling, saves your planners hours of planning and leads to optimised results.

    At the core of PTV Route Optimiser are its intelligent and high-performance algorithms. They calculate all possible routes and schedules and compare the different possibilities regarding travel times, distances and costs. This way, the software quickly determines the routes and schedules that are aligned with your goals. This frees up your planners for more important tasks such as taking care of your customers, supervising drivers and subcontractors or searching for return freight to avoid empty runs. 

  • More time for customers

    Thanks to PTV Route Optimiser, your planners have more time to attend to your customers’ and partners’ needs. For example, they can inform customers about delayed arrivals due to traffic jams and thereby boost customer satisfaction. Above that, short-term changes and special customer requests are no longer a problem: PTV Route Optimiser takes all restrictions and specifications into account and plans a new and optimised route within seconds.

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