• A plan is only as good as its execution. Therefore, the planner's job does not end with a finalised schedule. In fact, your planners have to keep an eye on the progress of all vehicles as they are on the road. Will all deliveries arrive on time? Which driver could take on an additional order spontaneously? Does a route have to be changed due to a traffic jam? On top of that, the planners need to continuously check if routes and schedules could be optimised and evaluate strategic decisions such as buying additional vehicles.

    Turn the complexity of route planning and scheduling into efficiency with PTV Route Optimiser. The software helps your planners keep an overview of all facts and figures: They can create reports and analyse all processes of your supply chain, stay in control of all resources and identify problems and potentials.


    • Visualise schedules, routes and orders

      Visualising routes on a map gives your planners a quick overview of the status of all deliveries. Which routes are completed, in progress or planned? Is a vehicle close to an order that came in spontaneously? Does it have free capacities to accept it? The map helps your planners answer these questions and act quickly and adequately.

    • Keep an overview of available resources

      Not all vehicles and drivers are available every day. And not every vehicle is suitable for every task. It’s difficult to keep an overview of all these restrictions. PTV Route Optimiser helps you with this complex task. Store vehicle-specific information as well as the working times and qualifications of your drivers in the system and use this information when planning routes and schedules.

    • Compare plans with actual performance

      How accurate is your planning? With PTV Route Optimiser’s target/actual-comparison, you can compare plans with actual performance. Do delays occur regularly on a specific route? Do the same customers regularly receive their deliveries late? Discover potential for improvement and adjust your schedules if necessary.

    • Create reports and analyses

      How many kilometres has your fleet covered in the last days, weeks or months? How high was the fuel consumption and how high were the CO2 emissions? Which vehicles are most heavily loaded? Thorough analyses and precise reports of past performance help you optimise routes and schedules in the future.

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