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  • Raimund Mueller
    Okle GmbH Großhandelszentrale<
    Okle GmbH Großhandelszentrale

    "PTV Route Optimiser completely convinced us: We plan multi-stop routes for our entire fleet cost-efficiently and quickly."

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  • Tim Tuschen
    Holz Tusche GmbH & Co. KG<
    Holz Tusche GmbH & Co. KG

    "Our customers appreciate knowing when the delivery is expected to arrive in advance and receiving a notification in case of delays."

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  • Nigel Hyde
    Hogs Back Brewery<
    Hogs Back Brewery

    "I recommend PTV Route Optimiser to anyone who wants to save money and improve their logistics processes."

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  • Harm Roelofsen
    Rotra Forwarding B.V.<
    Rotra Forwarding B.V.

    "The software doesn't replace our dispatchers: The best plan results from combining technology with experience."

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  • Brett Westbrook
    Crosswater Limited<
    Crosswater Limited

    "We chose PTV Route Optimiser because it could be integrated easily and quickly into our Sage software system.”

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  • David Liebl
    PDR Recycling GmbH & Co KG<
    PDR Recycling GmbH & Co KG

    "Installing PTV Route Optimiser paid off quickly. We're saving lots of money and planning time every month."

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  • Steffen Redetzky
    Fresenius Kabi Logistik GmbH<
    Fresenius Kabi Logistik GmbH

    "The program is user-friendly and powerful, and it supports us in complying with all restrictions relevant to the transport of goods."

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