• What price should you set for a transport to make a profit? How does signing a new customer affect overall transport costs? How much money should you budget for toll? Should you carry out an order with your own truck fleet or assign it to an external forwarding agent?

    PTV Route Optimiser answers all these questions for you: The software creates optimised driving routes and schedules for all orders and automatically calculates all expenses. This way you always keep an overview of all transport costs. And discover savings potential at the same time.


  • Calculate tolls

    “Toll” in Belgian, “Maut” in German and “Péage” in France – almost all European countries charge toll. PTV Route Optimiser’s integrated route cost calculator has up-to-date information on country-specific tariffs and calculates toll at the push of a button. Is an increase of tariffs planned? With PTV Route Optimiser, you can calculate its effect on the toll costs of your planned routes in advance and adjust your pricing accordingly.

  • Identify cost drivers in your transport planning and reduce expenses

    With PTV Route Optimiser, your planners keep an overview of all factors that impact your costs. Mileage – the kilometres driven – is not the only factor that influences transport expenses. Congestion also has an impact on driving time. PTV Route Optimiser enables your planners to identify cost drivers in transport planning and to find the most cost-effective route.

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