• The challenges of agri-food logistics

    After a mixed 2019, agri-food companies must face an unprecedented health crisis, combined with strong market pressure in both 2020 and 2021: On one hand the world of agricultural production with which they must strengthen their relationship; on the other hand, the requirements of large-scale distribution which they must meet.

    In terms of logistics, often faced with large volumes to collect and deliver, managers and operators seek the right balance between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

PTV Route Optimiser: optimised routes, controlled costs and satisfied customers

  • With PTV Route Optimiser, you control your transportation processes: the tool offers performance indicators and provides route analysis reports to facilitate the management of transport operations and the making of informed strategic decisions.

Benefits of PTV Route Optimiser

    • Delivery under multiple constraints

      • Time slots, large number of stops per tour, controlled temperature, etc.

      Optimisation of resources

      • Optimisation and reduction of costs: decrease of kilometers travelled, increase in the number of deliveries per day and per vehicle, etc.
      • Automatic optimisation of routes and vehicle load capacity

      Efficient time management

      User friendly

      Higher employee satisfaction:

      • up to 80% less time dedicated to planning.
      • Happier drivers thanks to realistic routes which do not involve overtime

      Customisable interface and dashboards

    • Quality & reliable information

      Operational monitoring

      Integration into the IT infrastructure

      PTV Route Optimiser easily connects to all internal management systems: ERP, CRM, and more, as well as telematics.

      • Smooth and secure transfer of data reduces mistakes and increases transparency
      • Software available in cloud or local server version
  • A trusted expert, worldwide

    • PTV Group is a leader in the fields of route optimisation and the calculation of transport routes.
    • More than 5,000 customers trust our expertise in transport and logistics management.
    • 45 million requests are processed daily thanks to PTV Group’s software solutions.