• Planning and executing deliveries in the building sector is complex, due to the diversity of products, equipment and materials, and the different volumes and weights. Often, the working sites are located in heavy traffic areas with limited access or unloading space. 

    And there are even more constraints:

    • Restricted delivery and pick-up time slots
    • Changes in schedules with new incoming orders
    • Collection of unused materials
    • Optimised vehicle load

    For manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, transport activities represent up to 20% or more of operational costs. For the latter, one of the levers of productivity is the optimisation of delivery logistics.

  • How can construction companies optimise their transport?

    For more efficient management of drivers and the vehicle fleet, delivery scheduling requires the use of a route optimisation software. The software will define an ideal loading plan, adapt routes to the road network and the required vehicles, and consider the specificities of each customer.

    PTV Route Optimiser is a business solution for public works companies: a comprehensive and efficient transport management tool that will allow you to reduce costs while guaranteeing the quality and punctuality of your service.

    Similarly to a TMS (Transport Management System), PTV Route Optimiser allows you to:

    • Generate optimised routes for all your vehicles at once and shorten delivery times
    • Integrate and adapt upstream business constraints and operational incidents to route schedules in real time
    • Lower costs by optimising human and material resources
    • Centralise route planning in a competence centre
    • Shorten communication channels and speed up decision-making
    • Separate the strategic and operational parts of route planning

    In terms of customer satisfaction, a professional route optimisation tool quickly becomes a sales argument for both customers retention as well as new customer acquisition.

Benefits of the PTV Route Optimiser solution

  • A trusted expert, worldwide

    • PTV Group is a leader in the fields of route optimisation and the calculation of transport routes.
    • More than 5,000 customers trust our expertise in transport and logistics management.
    • 45 million requests are processed daily thanks to PTV Group’s software solutions.