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    The out-of-home catering market has been significantly impacted with the COVID19 pandemic. Whether in classic restaurants, fast-food chains, transport and leisure facilities, or new modes - the sector is constantly evolving and had to adapt to an unprecedent increase in demand for take-away and delivery services.

    In this highly regulated market with increasingly demanding traceability standards (e.g. food labelling), one of the levers of productivity and customer satisfaction is the optimisation of delivery logistics.

  • How restaurants and catering services can optimise their deliveries

    For a more efficient use of the drivers and the vehicle fleet, the planning and scheduling of deliveries requires the use of a route optimisation software. The software will define an ideal loading plan, adapt routes to the road network, and take various operational constraints into account.

    On the one hand, each company has logistics specific to its volume of activities and the nature of its products, with its structural features, storage capacities, and access restrictions. On the other hand, it is essential to include detailed information on the delivery conditions, such as:

    • Tight time slots
    • Pedestrian areas
    • Limited access conditions
    • Limited parking spaces
    • Loading and unloading times
    • Which customer to deliver with which vehicle
    • Which customers require drivers with specific qualifications


    Equipping yourself with a transport optimisation solution, based on high-performance algorithms, will make it possible to:

    • Generate optimised routes taking into account all constraints
    • Rationalise costs by optimising human and material resources
    • Centralise route planning in a competence centre
    • Shorten communication channels and speed up decision-making
    • Separate route planning into strategic part and operational part

Benefits of the PTV Route Optimiser solution

    • Operational monitoring

      • Real time execution monitoring thanks to the PTV Drive and Arrive driver app (visualisation of delays and incidents on tour, better responsiveness of teams)

      • Transfer optimised routes from PTV Route Optimiser to your driver’s device via the PTV Navigator app (making sure the driver performs the planned route identically to your planning)

      • The possibility to send a notification by text message or email to customers informing them in real time, and depending on the progress of the driver, of the exact time of delivery (ETA)


      Optimisation of resources

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