Transport planning and optimisation with PTV Smartour for efficient fleet management

Whether daily or weekly plans, mixed transports, warehouse or direct deliveries – PTV Smartour plans and optimises your routes, taking order-, customer- and vehicle-specific restrictions into account. PTV Smartour is the solution for optimising your transport on a strategic and tactical level. It helps you safeguard the cost effectiveness of your operations in a highly competitive industry.

  • How can you plan the most efficient route?

    Vehicle and truck routing

    The route planning software takes into account all relevant parameters, such as truck attributes, driving times or vehicle profiles. You can create well-balanced distribution and collection zones, divide deliveries over the schedule period and tactically determine the best routes to ensure the most optimal schedule.

    Telematics connection

    Full transparency of your vehicles on the road: With PTV Smartour, vehicle control and route assignment are performed directly from transport planning. Thanks to the telematics connection, the software reads consignment information relevant for transport from the ERP system and applies it to delivery route planning. The information about the planned routes is then read back into the system.

    Freight cost calculation

    Decide whether trips should be run in-house or handed over to forwarders. Once you assigned your trips to specific forwarders, you can use the freight cost module to manage individual freight charges for each forwarder.

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PTV Smartour allows us to have a flexible and achievable delivery plan for our fresh products, taking into account all restrictions with regard to store delivery.

Christian Schmid
Deputy Manager of Logistics at Denner AG

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