I've installed Vissim on a server and placed the network dongle in one of the USB slots. When I try to run Vissim from any client, I get the error message 'Application could not be initialized.' What could be the problem?

Please check the following points:

- Is the necessary version of the Microsoft® .NET framework installed on all clients? (see Vissim installations manual for .NET Framework version information)
- Do the clients have write access to the Vissim/exe directory on the server?
- In the 'local intranet' settings of each client, is 'Full trust' activated? To find this setting, go to: Control Panel > 'Administrative Tools'
and select the Microsoft® .NET Framework Wizards. Choose:
Adjust .NET security > Change settings for this computer > Next > local intranet
and move the slider to 'full trust'. Confirm with: Next > Finish.