Which graphics card has the best performance with PTV Vissim 3D?

We recommend NVIDIA graphics cards since PTV Vissim 10 DirectX can be used in addition to OpenGL. NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards with Fermi or Kepler architecture (400 or later, such as GeForce GTX 750) are sufficient. For desktop computers, the GeForce GTX1060, for example, is powerful and still relatively cheap. If certified drivers are required, cards from the Quadro series can of course also be used. The performance is similar to the graphics cards of the GeForce series. For notebooks, it is important that they have a dedicated graphics card, not just an on-board graphics card. To reiterate, we recommend graphics cards from NVIDIA as they have better drivers and can be switched on for an application like PTV Vissim or PTV Visum.

You should always use the latest graphics card driver. You can find the driver either on the website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop or on the website of the graphics card manufacturer, examples:

Consider using a tool offered by the manufacturer to automatically detect and update the driver.