Is there a way to apply background images or objects in 3D mode?

Yes, any background graphics that are loaded in 2D are also visible in 3D. Static 3D objects in V3D format (Vissim 3D) may be placed anywhere in the network. From Vissim 5.20 onwards, it is also possible to place Sketchup® files (*.SKP) directly in 3D mode as static object (Vissim 32-bit editions only).

Several vehicle and static 3D models are included with the standard Vissim installation in V3D format. Many additional models in V3D format are available to download through our service area webpage (login required).

Customized models can be created/converted using V3DM (Vissim 3D Modeler - additional module, see also FAQ http://vision-traffic.ptvgroup.com/en-uk/training-support/support/ptv-vissim/faqs/visfaq/show/VIS19264/).