What is the purpose of V3DM? How can I include my own 3D models in the scene?

V3DM is short for 'Vissim 3D Modeler' and is an additional Vissim module to

- convert 3D objects from DWF, 3DS and SKP (Sketchup®) format to the Vissim V3D format
- create simple 3D objects (such as houses, simple vehicles etc.) including textures

If you would like to create more complex 3D objects you need professional 3D modeling tools such as 3ds Max. For including your own pedestrian models in Vissim, please check FAQ http://vision-traffic.ptvgroup.com/en-uk/training-support/support/ptv-vissim/faqs/visfaq/show/VIS19311/.

In PTV Vissim, static 3D objects (V3D format) can be inserted in 3D mode by right click.
Another option is to export PTV Vissim data to 3ds Max in order to create a high-end presentation of the simulation entirely inside 3ds Max.