How can I integrate own pedestrian models in PTV Vissim?

For this task you need an animated pedestrian model and V3DM. Follow the steps listed below:
- Create a 3D pedestrian model in a professional 3D modeling application (such as Autodesk 3ds Max) that can be animated or moved.
- Divide a flow of movement into 20 parts to export 20 different 3D models, each showing a different state of the model.
- Export each state to a DWF file.
- In addition to the other 20 states, export the model to a DWF file at standstill.
- In V3DM you create a new project of the type 'vehicle'.
- Import the model in standstill position as state 0.
- For each exported DWF file, create a new state within V3DM and import the associated DWF file.
- After importing all 21 DWF files, assign the corresponding 'vehicle' properties: 4 different colors (shirt, hair, pants, shoes), positions of the front and rear axle.
- Export the V3DM file to v3d format.
- Create a new 2D / 3D model distribution with the exported v3d format and map it to a pedestrian type.