A script started over COM has crashed with an error message:
'Could not start the script component'.

- Make sure Python27 is installed in C:\Python27 or C:\Program Files\Python27\ matching the architecture (32/64 bit) of PTV Vissim.
- Make sure this path is added to the Windows 'Environment Variables'.
- Make sure to install PyWin in the architecture (32/64 bit) matching the architecture of Python.
- Install the PTV Vision Python Setup from:
- Register PTV Vissim as COM server (try with administrator credentials): Help > Register COM Server
- Install the current service pack.
Reference: ch. 2: 'Executing Scripts from within Vissim' in:
c:\Program Files\PTV Vision\PTV Vissim 10\Doc\Eng\Vissim 10 - COM Intro.pdf