Are there any key combinations (hotkeys) in PTV Vissim that allow me to execute certain functions directly?

Yes, there are built-in hotkeys in PTV Vissim, and the following lists the most commonly used hotkeys. You can also create custom key combinations for menu commands. For more information on this as well as a full list of all available hotkeys, refer to the following help page: https://cgi.ptvgroup.com/vision-help/VISSIM_11_ENG/#2_Programmbedienung/Tastenkombinationen_Standard_verw.htm.
- Ctrl+A: In 2D mode: Toggle wireframe
- Ctrl+B: Show or hide backgrounds
- Ctrl+D: Toggle 3D mode
- Ctrl+E: During simulation run: Toggle color of vehicle status
- Ctrl+M: Measure distance
- Ctrl+N: Activate or deactivate Simple Network Display
- Ctrl+Q: Activate or deactivate Quick Mode
- Ctrl+R: Recalculate Spline
- Ctrl+U: Switching the simulation time format for the status bar
- Space bar: During a simulation in Simulation single step, execute the next step.
- Plus key: If a continuous simulation has been started, increase the speed of the simulation.
- Minus key: If a continuous simulation has been started, reduce the speed of the simulation.