Trying to open the WebAdmin page
leads to an error message:
'Cannot reach this page'
'This page can't be displayed'

Update the CodeMeter runtime at least on the license server and recommendably on the client too:
On the license server make sure to install also this (lowest) option in the setup: 'Remote access to WebAdmin'.

On the client: Note that by default the WebAdmin page was called on port 22350 via HTTP:
The current CodeMeter Runtime demands, that license and WebAdmin use separate ports, for which at least 2 ports are designated: 22352 (for HTTP) and 22353 (for HTTPS).

A) By default HTTP is enabled and the communication uses port 22352. If this does not work, check with your network administrator whether a HTTP connection is allowed.

B) Alternatively use a HTTPS connection for the WebAdmin, both with a self-signed certificate and with your own certificate.
To use a self-signed certificate, it is sufficient to activate HTTPS in the registry. Please proceed as follows:
1) Stop the CmWebAdmin service via the Windows services.
2) Change the value under 'Enabled' under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WIBU-SYSTEMS\CodeMeter\Server\CurrentVersion\HTTPS from 0 to '1'.
3) Now restart the CmWebAdmin service via the Windows services.

If you start WebAdmin again, it should now communicate via https://localhost:22353/dashboard.html.

C) If this does not help, check with your network administrator the firewall settings or deactivate them for tests.