The creation of an AVI recording leads to a crash with the error message:
'ExceptionCode = -1073741819ExceptionFlags = 0ExceptionAddress = 0x7f8411a9'

The error code may indicate a problem with an existing codec or the graphics driver.

1) Edit -> User Preferences -> Graphics -> Graphics Driver: Switch from DirectX 11 to OpenFL 3.0 or vice versa.
2) Update graphics driver: https://www.ptvgroup.com/en/solutions/products/ptv-vissim/knowledge-base/faq/visfaq/show/VIS25664/

If all drivers have been updated, this crash can be caused by a Logitech codec. This problem can be avoided by uninstalling all Logitech-related codecs. Make sure that the codec file lvcod64.dll is deleted manually.
If a codec cannot be uninstalled, move its associated DLL to temporarily fix the problem.
Codec files can be found with Windows Media Player at least version 11:
- Open Windows Media Player.
- Keyboard: Alt+H+A
- Or with the mouse: In the second title bar: Right click to open the context menu -> Help -> Info -> Technical support
A browser window then opens, in which a page with technical information is displayed, on which the installed codecs are also listed.
If this includes Logitech binary files, e.g. 'lvcod64.dll' or 'lvcodec2.dll' it is recommended to uninstall them as well.