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Is the special function for link standard values to allocate link type standard values to link attributes also available as procedure or COM method?

No, the procedure 'Edit attribute' and the COM methods 'GetMultiAttValues' and 'SetMulitAttValues' only provide the possibilty to set values for a single attribute. However, there are 2 smart ways to use these functions:
1) By means of the methods 'GetMultiAttValues' and 'SetMultiAttValues' attributes of link types can be read into arrays and then saved to link attributes.
2) Use the procedure 'Edit attribute' and save it as procedures parameters file. This file can be read and executed over COM.

Note: Since Visum12.5 an additional link type attribute 'Strict' is offered. If selecting this, any changes made to the attributes of the link type are propagated to all allocated links of this link type.