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How to refresh the connector time for all connectors?

The connector time is calculated once for new created connectors over length and speed. These can be individually edited in the list 'Connectors' or by calling the respective dialog 'Connectors ... edit'. To set these for all connectors again, you can go on as follows:
1) Refresh connector lengths:
Network -> Network settings -> Scale -> Option 'Recalculate the lengths of links and connectors' -> Key 'recalculate'.
2) Refresh connector times by using the following formula:
t0-TSys = (length * 1000(m) * 3600(s))/(4v0 kmh) * 100(m)) = length * 900 .
Then, implement these by:
Connectors -> (right mouse key) Context menu 'Connectors' -> Multi-edit -> Attribute: t0-TSys PuTWalk -> Key 'Attribute' -> Length * 900 .