PTV Visum - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to set up the 3 GB option like in Windows XP for 32 bit VISTA or Windows 7, to extend the virtual address space from 2 GB to 3 GB for a 32 bit process?

If one of the following error messages show up, setting up the 3 GB option might be very helpful or even necessary:
- 'A memory allocation failed. The virtual address space of the process has been used completely or does not include a coherent free block of sufficient size'.
- 'Insufficient memory.'/'Out of memory'.
- 'Error: Cannot load background file'.
- 'Error in memory management. No free heap handle'.
- 'Building connection legs...'.

To extend the address allocation space used by a 32 bit process, you can use the command BCDEDIT:
1) Look in the start menu for a shortcut to the command prompt.
2) Right click it and open it 'as administrator'.
3) Use this option:
BCDEDIT /Set IncreaseUserVa 2700
Alternatively use this option:
4) Reboot the computer.

Please note: The use of these options on any 64 bit system is not recommended. PTV AG is not liable for any dammage caused by using these options.