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Running a VBA script fails with:
'Compile Error: Can't find project or Library.'

This message means, that a referenced library was not found on the used computer, following the EarlyBinding concept. These are typically automations for MS-Office products or for PTV Vision components like PTV Visum or ScriptMuuli.
In the Visual Basic editor following
Extras -> References
i.e. a Visum Object Library will be listed as 'MISSING'. Possibly this component is not available on this machine, or with a different path, or this component is not needed.
Note that the 32 bit Visual Basic editor will not find any 64 bit object libraries automatically.

- In the Visual Basic editor: Extras -> References
- Uncheck the missing reference.
- Click 'Browse' to open the dialog 'Add reference'.
- Browse to the folder i.e. holding a 'VisumXXX.exe', in
C:\Program Files\PTV Vision\PTV Visum XX\Exe\
- Choose to be showing 'executable files (*.EXE, *.DLL)'.
- Choose the 'VisumXXX.exe'.
- Confirm and close both dialogs.

Example test scripts using early and late binding: