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Opening a Version file fails with an error message:
'Cannot read version file, as it was saved with newer Visum version.'
How can I read data from Visum version files into older versions of Visum, i.e. from Visum21 downgrading to Visum20?

Version files use a binary format, are only upward compatible readable, but not downward.
Workaround: Following components of a Visum model can be saved to text based files, and opened into a an older release version, but note any displayed warnings:
- Network data as NET file.
- Matrices plus demand model as DMD file.
- Procedure parameters as XML file.
- Assignments cannot be ported directly, but you can copy volumes, travel times and queue lengths into userdefined attributes and port them as ATT file.

Please note that results may vary when exchanging the used release version. To monitor these, compare the values of main result attributes with userdefined attributes afterwards.