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During the reading additively of an Access-Database with PuT lines the error message 'Mandatory attribute element index invalid' is shown by the vehicle profile element. The attribut exists in the table and is set correctly.

The message is shown in one of the following cases:
- The network allready contains the line that is about to be imported to the network.
- In the parameter settings of importing the database the conflict avoidance is selected to 'ignore'.

The time profile already is contained in the network, with an index (LRELEMINDEX) of 1 to 7. The index in the database that is about to be imported reaches from 1 to 8. During the skipping, the entrys are compared but because the index 8 in the model is missing (and is not added because of the setting 'ignore') you get the error message 'Mandatory attribute element index invalid'. Because of the line hierarchie there are inherited error messages generated, e.g. for the vehicle journeys. If you choose the parameter settings by 'frequent cases > Read timetable' or change the settings manually from 'ignore' to 'overwrite object/course' the error message will not be shown again because the line route will be completed to the index 1 to 8 before.