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Formation of a subnetwork causes an error:
'Creating subnetwork'/'Insufficient storage'/'Runtime Error!'.

1) If you use Visum 32 bit on a 32 bit operating system, you should activate the 3 Gb option to increase the virtual address space. See also VIS11878 (Windows XP) or VIS10302 (VISTA/Windows 7).
2) Activate matrix-cache and apply it to this version file:
Extras -> Options -> Files & protocols -> Matrices -> Enable swap file.
3) File -> File properties -> Lagged matrix data loading on demand.
4) If the version file was only opened to create a subnetwork, but the memory does not suffice to format a subnetwork:
Calculate -> Initialize assignment. Thereby you can possibly save memory, however no cordon zones will be created and no matrices will be adopted into the subnetwork. However, you can initialize PrT and PuT assignments differentiated from each other:
Calculate -> Procedure -> Operations -> Paste -> Assignment -> Init assignment -> Procedure -> PrT or PuT.