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On a 64 bit operation system Visum 32 bit shows one of the following error messages and then crashes:
- 'A memory allocation has failed. There is either no more virtual memory available or the biggest available continuous block is not big enough.'
- 'A memory allocation failed. The virtual address space of the process has been used completely or does not include a coherent free block of sufficient size'.
- 'Out of memory'.
- 'Runtime Error!
Program: c:\Program Files (x86)\PTV_Vision\VISUM110\Exe\Visum110.exe'

Even on Windows 64 bit, Visum 32 bit is able to address only a maximum of 3.8 Gb memory.

Thus, the solution may be to use Visum 64 bit to be able to address more memory. Please apply to customerservice@vision.ptvgroup.com to get a setup and a license file. Also consult the download area on
http://cgi.ptvgroup.com/cgi-bin/en/intern/tcs_download.pl (only for Visum14 and older)
to check whether these files are already available.