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A line blocking fails with the following error message:
'Interlining is either not permitted or not possible on one of the required relations, or the capacities of the start and end depots are insufficient compared to the number of required vehicles. No solution could be found'.

1) Check whether the parameter 'Interlining permissible' is set:
Line blocking parameters -> Interlining.
2) Check whether the empty trip-TSys is set for all vehicle combinations corresponding to the permitted TSys in the network.
3) Write for all relevant transport systems an interlining matrix (i.e. for the parameter t_PuTSys) with the procedure step 'PuT interlining matrix', to check these for non-existing connections. The parameter will take the value 999999.
4) Check with the list 'Stop points - basis' whether the attribute 'IsDepot' is set. Also check whether the attribute 'DepotCapacity(...)' holds realistic values.