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Is PTV Visum available as 32 bit version?
Does PTV Visum support 64 bit operation systems?

Visum 32 bit is only available up to the release PTV Visum 16, from PTV Visum 17 on a 32 bit version is not available anymore.
Visum 64 bit cannot be run on a 32 bit operating system.

Since PTV Visum 10, PTV Visum supports 64 bit and can be run on Windows Vista/7/8/10 64 bit. By using a 64 bit operation system, you are able to allocate considerably more main memory (RAM) than by using a 32 bit machine, from which particulary working with big and memory-intensive networks benefit. As long a process fits into the main memory, the computing speed is not influenced by the memory demand.

Visum 32 bit can be operated on a 64 bit platform too, but only in 32 bit mode.