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How to create connectors?

There are three ways
1. To create them manually
To connect only sensible nodes (e.g. as for PuT only nodes which are linked at least to one stop area) you may set a node filter accordingly and use the option 'Click only active objects'.

2. Using Connectors/Create...
In this way connectors will be created for all active nodes and zones. The maximum length refers to the distance between the nodes and the zone centroids, zone polygones aren't considered. If different values of maximum length shall be used (e.g. TSys bus - 300m/ft, railway - 600m/ft) the process can be executed in several steps. Firstly connect access nodes of all stop areas with distance 300m/ft, thereafter additionally nodes with distance 600m/ft their stop area is served by railway.
PrT connectors can only be connected to nodes with at least one link that is open to a PrT transport system.
PuT connectors can only be connected to nodes which have at least one link on which a transport system of the type PuTWalk or PuTAux is permitted or nodes to which a stop area has been allocated.

3. Scripts/VisumAddIn/PuT/Generate PuT zone connectors
This add-in has been available since Visum 11.5. The advantages of this add-in over the functionality 'Connectors/Create...' are:
- The radius of the catchment area isn't one fix value but an attribute of stop areas.
- The radius doesn't refer to the distance between the nodes and the zone centroids but to the zone polygon: if a zone polygone overlaps the radius creating a connector will be possible.
- The connectors systematically ensure that all PuT lines serving the area of a zone can actually be accessed from the zone via a connector. No PuT line will remain unused simply because it is inaccessible.
- You can specify barrier areas which are never crossed by a connector. Use them to model separating features in your model (e.g. rivers, motorways), which cannot be crossed walking.