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The connection to a Personal Geodatabase fails:
'No ESRI found!'
'A 64 Bit version of ESRI ArcGIS is not yet available. Cannot connect to a geo database'.

- Note that this interface support only up to ArcGIS 10.3, not yet ArcGis Pro.
- When using PTV Visum 16 or older: Using a 64 bit operation system, you have to install Visum 32 bit in addition, to connect PTV Visum with a Personal Geodatabase.
- Since PTV Visum 17 only Visum 64 bit is available, but is able to connect to the 32 bit Personal Geodatabase interface.

- Export the data to a Shapefile and either import this into PTV Visum (File -> Import -> Shapefile), or visualize this als Background:
Network -> Backgrounds -> Network editor -> Insert mode -> (click into the Network editor) -> Create background -> Graphics file -> OK -> Open: Background -> (select Shapefile) -> Open

Please contact PTV Support for suggestions if you need to visualize data held in ESRI products: