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How can I integrate a Web Map Service (WMS) or a web map tile service (WMTS)?

1) Map services can be added here:
Edit -> User preferences -> GUI -> Background map:
Examples for WMS services:
- http://osm-demo.wheregroup.com/service?VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&SERVICE=WMS&FORMAT=image/png&BBOX=%LEFT%,%TOP%,%RIGHT%,%BOTTOM%&TRANSPARENT=true&WIDTH=%WIDTH%&HEIGHT=%HEIGHT%&BGCOLOR=0xFFFFFF&EXCEPTIONS=application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&STYLES=&LAYERS=osm&SRS=EPSG:3857
- http://data.wien.gv.at/daten/wms?request=GetMap&version=1.1.1&width=%WIDTH%&height=%HEIGHT%&layers=REALNUT2009OGD&styles=&format=image/png&BBOX=%LEFT%,%TOP%,%RIGHT%,%BOTTOM%&srs=EPSG:4326

Example for a WMTS service:
- tile://maps.wien.gv.at/basemap/geolandbasemap/normal/google3857/%TZ%/%TY%/%TX%.png
- tile://%SUBDOMAIN%.tile.openstreetmap.org/%TZ%/%TX%/%TY%.png
with the subdomain a

2) Choose this service to be displayed:
Graphic -> Edit graphic parameters -> Background map -> Map service.

Tip: If the connection or the server is too slow, you can still use the map service to insert static internet maps.
Even if the URL to a map service does not work, you can try to load a static background from that service. As long as the dialog ''Add background'' is still open, you can find a log file in the folder for map tiles, i.e.:
Refer to:

Proxy server or map services which need a separated authentification are not supported.