PTV Visum - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Starting PTV Visum/PTV Vissim/PTV Vistro fails with an error message:
- 'Error when checking out the main license server (server: .., license number: ..). The license number 10000 has not been found on a Codemeter stick. Error code: 200.'
- 'One of the following licenses is required:
* CodeMeter 100321:900000000
Failure reason: CodeMeter License Server not found, Error 101.'

- 'One of the following Licenses is required.
CodeMeter 100321:.. CmContainer Entry not found, Error 200.'
- 'Cannot start program'.
- 'Expected customer no.: 900011111'.
- 'Error@AllocateHandle: CmStick Entry not found, Error 200'.
- 'Error@AllocateNetworkHandle: CodeMeter Runtime Server is not found, Error 101' or 'Failure reason: CodeMeter License Server not found, Error 101.'

The following item could be contained, too:
'Error@AllocateHandle: The Expiration Time has expired - the encryption cannot be operated, Error 35'.

It is a network license and not a single-user license.

The network license can not be found. Reasons can be:
1) The limit date is exceeded. How to proceed, see
2) The license server could not be found. In that case please check on the client the server search list in the CodeMeter WebAdmin (see Overview_CodeMeter.pdf, ch. 4.4):
System tray -> CodeMeter Control center -> WebAdmin -> Configuration -> Basic -> Server Search List
3) The CodeMeter installation at the license server was not yet started using the option 'Run Network Server' (see Overview_CodeMeter.pdf, ch. 3.3).
4) The license requested by a client is not available on the license server.
5) The network connection between client and server could not be established.