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Starting PTV Visum/PTV Vissim/PTV Vistro fails with an error message:
- 'Error when checking out the main license server (server: .., license number: ..). The license number 10000 has not been found on a Codemeter stick. Error code: 200.'
- 'One of the following licenses is required:
* CodeMeter 100321:900000000
Failure reason: CodeMeter License Server not found, Error 101.'

- 'One of the following Licenses is required.
CodeMeter 100321:.. CmContainer Entry not found, Error 200.'
- 'Cannot start program'.
- 'Expected customer no.: 900011111'.
- 'Error@AllocateHandle: CmStick Entry not found, Error 200'.
- 'Error@AllocateNetworkHandle: CodeMeter Runtime Server is not found, Error 101' or 'Failure reason: CodeMeter License Server not found, Error 101.'

The following item could be contained, too:
'Error@AllocateHandle: The Expiration Time has expired - the encryption cannot be operated, Error 35'.

It is a network license and not a single-user license.

The network license can not be found. Reasons can be:
1) The limit date is exceeded. How to proceed, see https://www.ptvgroup.com/en/solutions/products/ptv-visum/knowledge-base/faq/visfaq/show/VIS16132/
2) The license server could not be found. In that case please check on the client the server search list in the CodeMeter WebAdmin (see Overview_CodeMeter.pdf, ch. 4.4):
System tray -> CodeMeter Control center -> WebAdmin -> Configuration -> Basic -> Server Search List
3) The CodeMeter installation at the license server was not yet started using the option 'Run Network Server' (see Overview_CodeMeter.pdf, ch. 3.3).
4) The license requested by a client is not available on the license server.
5) The network connection between client and server could not be established.