PTV Visum - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1) Can I use a single-workplace license over Remote Desktop?

2) PTV Visum does not start. Instead an error message is displayed:
'The user maximum of the CodeMeter network is reached, Error 212.'
'All existing licenses of the network dongle are already used by other computers. Error code: 212.'
The Eventlog in the CmDust report states:
'API Event WB218 (NO LICENSE AVAILABLE) occurred (returned to caller)'

3) Single users occupy unwillingly multiple licenses.

1) Yes, but only as a single user on a desktop OS.

2) and 3)
Occupying multiple licenses can happen when the CodeMeter software on the license server registers multiple sessions. This can happen when PTV Visum/PTV Vissim/PTV Vistro is once started from a local desktop and then via Remote Desktop.
In that case you need to differentiate whether a single-workplace license or a network license is used:
- When trying to access a single-workplace license over Remote Desktop on a server OS, this is not possible.
Solution: Upgrade to a network license. Please contact or your local distributor.

- When trying to access alternately locally and through Remote Desktop a single-workplace license on a desktop OS,
- or when multiple users try to access a single network license (with or without Remote Desktop),
- or when a user tries to access a single network license alternately locally and through Remote Desktop,
the available licenses can be already allocated.

The reason: For each available network license, a session ID is counted and allows 5 parallel instances. Logging off and logging in again via Remote Desktop can lead to a new session ID. This feature has been introduced by WIBU Systems AG for the product CodeMeter to avoid that parallel logins with the same user account permit multiple license assignments.
- Perform sessions with PTV Visum either locally or through Remote Desktop, but not alternately when e.g. calculations are in progress.
- Do not log off the Remote Desktop session to preserve the session ID.
- Always start PTV Visum 'As administrator' if possible.
- Purchase additional users for your network license.
- Note that the CodeMeter Runtime version 7.00 is suffering from a bug with the StationShare feature, causing every instance per session ID to be needing a license. Update the CodeMeter Runtime to at least version 7.00a.