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1) Can I use a single-workplace license over Remote Desktop?

2) PTV Visum does not start. Instead an error message is displayed:
'The user maximum of the CodeMeter network is reached, Error 212.'
'All existing licenses of the network dongle are already used by other computers. Error code: 212.'
The Eventlog in the CmDust report states:
'API Event WB218 (NO LICENSE AVAILABLE) occurred (returned to caller)'
'The required license (..) is damaged (reason: Invalid network size 0) and can no longer be used.'

3) Single users occupy unwillingly multiple licenses.

1) Yes, but only as a single user on a desktop OS.

2) and 3)
Occupying multiple licenses can happen when the CodeMeter software on the license server registers multiple sessions. This can happen when PTV Visum/PTV Vissim/PTV Vistro is once started from a local desktop and then via Remote Desktop.
In that case you need to differentiate whether a single-workplace license or a network license is used:
- When trying to access a single-workplace license over Remote Desktop on a server OS, this is not possible.
Solution: Upgrade to a network license. Please contact sales.traffic@ptvgroup.com or your local distributor.

- When trying to access alternately locally and through Remote Desktop a single-workplace license on a desktop OS,
- or when multiple users try to access a single network license (with or without Remote Desktop),
- or when a user tries to access a single network license alternately locally and through Remote Desktop,
the available licenses can be already allocated.

The reason: For each available network license, a session ID is counted and allows 5 parallel instances. Logging off and logging in again via Remote Desktop can lead to a new session ID. This feature has been introduced by WIBU Systems AG for the product CodeMeter to avoid that parallel logins with the same user account permit multiple license assignments.
Solutions and workarounds:
- Perform sessions with PTV Visum either locally or through Remote Desktop, but not alternately when e.g. calculations are in progress.
- Do not log off the Remote Desktop session to preserve the session ID.
- Always start PTV Visum 'As administrator' if possible.
- Purchase additional users for your network license.
- Since changes to CodeMeter in May 2021 the software encryption changed and needs to be identical to all installed software versions to ensure a correct license sharing:
PTV Visum/Vissim/Vistro 20 and 21: Install the current Servicepack: http://cgi.ptvgroup.com/cgi-bin/de/traffic/visum_download.pl?id=1255
PTV Visum 17 and 18/PTV Vissim 10 and 11: Install the current Setup again: https://cgi.ptvgroup.com/visionSetups/en/
PTV Visum 16/PTV Vissim 9 and older: For these it is not possible anymore to generate Servicepacks or Setups and using these software versions can lead to issues in license sharing. This is accepted as these versions are not maintained anymore.
- Note that the CodeMeter Runtime version 7.00 is suffering from a bug with the StationShare feature, causing every instance per session ID to be needing a license. Update the CodeMeter Runtime to at least version 7.00a.