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PTV Visum does not start, because the CodeMeter dongle is not correctly recognized.
This happens on a laptop, shortly after reactivating it after an energy saving mode ('hibernation').
Typical error messages can be:
- 'Error@AllocateHandle: CmStick Entry not found, Error 200'.
- 'CmDongle runtime system is not installed'.
- Windows Systemtray: 'USB device not recognized'.
- CodeMeter control center: 'No information on any CodeMeter licenses available. No CmContainer found.'

- Reboot the computer. If the dongle works again, energy saving settings (includes switching off USB ports) should be checked.
- After the reboot, check for a defective USB port: Try the dongle on another USB port.
- After checking the USB ports: Try the dongle on another machine. When plugging this dongle out and in, its LED will blink in red and green. The last blink should be green, if not this dongle could be defective (see
https://www.ptvgroup.com/en/solutions/products/ptv-visum/knowledge-base/faq/visfaq/show/VIS17590/ ).

Additional Workarounds:
- In case the dongle is plugged into a USB HUB, plug it into an USB port of the used laptop.
- Use an USB HUB with an own power supply.
- In case 'USB Watchdog' or similar monitoring software is active, deactivate/uninstall this.
- In case USB3.0 is used, update the internal USB chip set drivers (often available as patches from the laptop's manufactorer).