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How can I obtain the total vehicle volume per link, summed for PrT and PuT, taking into account that PuT vehicles influence the PrT route choice?

1) Use the procedure 'PuT operating indicators' to acquire the number of PuT vehicle journeys. (This needs a timetable.)
2) Taking basic volume into account:
Calculate -> General procedure settings -> PrT settings -> Assignment -> Basic volume -> Fix -> Detailed calculation -> Links 1 * 'Number of service trips (AP)'
3) Run the PrT assignment again, which will take the 'basic volume' caused by PuT into account, to influence the PrT's route choice.
4) Create a user-defined attribute (Typ Formula) to sum up the link attributes 'Volume PrT [veh] (AP)' + 'Number of service trips (AP)'.