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Where can I find manuals, documentation, examples or tutorials?

The manual is available as online help in the menu
Help -> PTV Visum Help
Additionally with the same contents as PDF in:
Help -> PTV Visum manual
c:\Program Files\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 2021\Doc\Eng\PTVVisum2021_Manual.pdf
This path contains also additional documentation.

Example files are availalbe in:
Help -> Examples
c:\Users\Public\Documents\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 2021\Examples\

Tutorials are available in:
Help -> Examples
c:\Users\Public\Documents\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 2021\Quickstart Tutorial\
c:\Users\Public\Documents\PTV Vision\PTV Visum 2021\Tutorials\

Additionally you can watch recorded webinars here:

Training opportunities can be found in: